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Power of Words

I’ve been pretty busy with schoolwork and finishing up editing a new book that I hope to self-publish before Halloween. I haven’t told many people yet, but I am going back to school via online classes at SNHU now.

I was originally going to get my bachelor’s degree in video game development, which is what my associate degree is in, but I changed my mind and have switched to creative writing. I have a number of reasons for making this switch. I believe that I could combine these two skill sets and become a writer for video games someday, or simply be a freelance writer or independent author while also working on the occasional indie game. I think this is just a better career path for me (not that many people even end up working in the field they majored in anyway!).

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I Graduated!


I graduated a couple weeks ago! I feel like I should make a blog post about that.

Right now, I’m busy getting ready for my wedding, which is coming up pretty fast. I plan to start working on a new game after I get back from my honeymoon. I’m planning on continuing my education to earn a bachelor’s degree in game programming through an online degree program so that it will be easier to continue to work while going to school.

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Petal Quest is Now Available!

Petal Quest

My game Petal Quest is now available for purchase! Since it’s my first game, I set the retail price to $1.99, and am offering an introductory sale of 50% off until the end of July! I also need to sell at lease 5 copies by the end of the semester.

Petal Quest is an arcade-style side-scrolling brawler about a flower who must save it’s garden from being invaded by weeds. The weeds will stop at nothing to defeat the flowers and take over all of the Earth’s gardens.

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Busy Bee

Combee - Pokemon

This semester has been super busy so far. Between my four classes, planning my wedding, and keeping updated, I haven’t had time to blog here.

For Advanced Game Programming, I have to make a game and sell at least five copies by the end of the semester. I chose to make a 2D side-scrolling beat ’em up game. I haven’t thought of a name for the game yet, but you play as a flower who has to save a garden from evil weeds (like dandelions!) who are trying to take over. It will be for PC, and I’m using XNA. I’ll post more details about it here later with a link to purchase. It will likely be between $0.99-$1.99.

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Just another Update

Sonic on a Segway

I didn’t realize it’s been so long since I posted an update. Anyway, spring semester started in January. I was originally supposed to take three classes this semester, but two of them were cancelled at the last minute due to low enrollment. The 2D programming class is being offered as a 10-week online class instead, which I guess is better than nothing since I need to take that class this semester to graduate in time. I’ll have to take the mobile apps class whenever they decide to offer it again. The only class I’m taking in person this semester is digital illustration, which is on Friday and Saturday. On the plus side, this schedule allows me to work more hours than I had originally planned, so I can save up a little bit more money for school.

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One Semester Down

I just finished my first semester of the Computer Games and Simulation Design degree. I got A’s in all of my classes, including over 100% in both Intro to Game Design and Programming in C# (due to extra credit that I probably didn’t really need to do).

Next semester I will be taking 2D Game Programming, Game Applications for Emergent Platforms, and Digital Illustration. According to the course description, we will be using the Torque game engine in the the 2D programming course. I’m hoping the Digital Illustration class uses Adobe Illustrator, rather than some other lesser known vector graphics alternative, since I already have and use Illustrator.

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Cheese Catastrophe

Cheese Catastrophe

I just published my second game design project to YoYo Games. It’s called Cheese Catastrophe. Here’s the description I wrote for this game:

You are a mouse alien from the Mouse Galaxy, and you must use your mouse starship to mine the cheese moons for fresh cheese to sustain your dying civilization.

You see, the inhabitants of the Mouse Galaxy have long ago mined all of the cheese from their own cheese moons, and must now venture to the far reaches of the universe to mine for cheese on far away moons to sustain their civilization. Your people are currently mining cheese moons in the cat galaxy. The cat aliens don’t like what you are doing, as destroying their moons will disrupt the tidal forces on their planets, flooding their cities. The cat aliens hate getting wet, and have sent evil catsteroids to destroy your mouse starship, before you can destroy all of their cheese moons.

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Evil Ottilia Goes Berserk

Evil Ottilia Goes Berserk by Jen Ný

I have just uploaded the first game I made in Game Maker Studio 8 for my game design class. It’s called Evil Ottilia Goes Berserk. In the game, you play as a mother dragon who must rescue her babies from Evil Ottilia.

It is a very simple game. There is only one room, where you shoot demons and save baby dragons to accumulate points. When you get hit by a demon or evil baby dragon, the game ends and your high score is recorded. I was trying to go for an old-school Atari-ish feel with the graphics (if you couldn’t already tell by the reference to Evil Otto from Berzerk.) Evil Otto was the most evil thing I could think of, and Evil Ottilia is a reference to him.

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First Week of School!


I’ve just finished my first week of classes. It’s still early, but I’m already enjoying school a lot more than I did when I was working on my first degree. The Intro to Game Design class is pretty awesome.

I’ve already made one (extremely simple) game. I just want to make some new art assets and sound effects before submitting the project. I will be posting my finished game projects on this blog under the “Freebies” category until I get my game studio website up and running.

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I’m Approved for Financial Aid

Elf Dragon's Crown

I was able to get my Pell Grant and subsidized loan. I had to file an appeal and set up an “academic plan” before my financial aid could be released since I already have a degree. I’ve never qualified for federal aid before (I’m turning 24 this year), so I didn’t know how any of this stuff worked. I guess they put people who already have a lot of credits through the same appeal process as people who fail classes, as though knowing too much is just as much a punishable offense as knowing too little.

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