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Style Savvy: Fortune Teller Room

Style Savvy Fortune Teller's Room address

In addition to clothes, hair, and makeup, Style Savvy: Fashion Forward allows you to do some interior decorating via miniatures. These miniature rooms are then magically converted into real rooms that people in the town can rent from you in Caprice Chalet. I don’t bother with making rooms in Caprice Chalet as often as I play the other features in Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, but I have made several rooms. I have chosen my Fortune Teller room, which includes a handy crystal ball and a toy black cat, as well as a variety of house plants and mystical decorations, as my Streetpass and online showcase room (though so far I haven’t run into anyone who has this game on Streetpass). Please feel free to download my Fortune Teller room and check it out! This room is very popular with the people in my town who want to practice reading fortunes, or who simply want to pay me to play with my toy black kitty.

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Style Savvy: Fashion Forward Review


I admit I initially dismissed the Style Savvy series as shovelware, but all the positive reviews piqued my interest enough to download the demo, and I’m glad I did. After playing through the entire demo, I was hooked and immediately went out to buy the full game.

My initial impression of Style Savvy: Fashion Forward was that it reminded me of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, except you decorate people instead of homes. The demo version primarily revolves around helping one particular stalker-like customer to copy the look of another character in the game by choosing clothes, styling her hair, and applying makeup to emulate the other character. This plot point is also present in the full game. You can also change your own look and help a variety of other customers in the shop. There is much more to do in the full game, obviously.

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Tasty Peach Studios – Halloween 2014 Re-release and More


I’ve posted about Tasty Peach Studios and their awesome plushies before. They have recently hit a patch of bad luck. Their van and containing a lot of equipment and merchandise was stolen while attending a convention in Florida, and to raise extra funds in order to keep their business going, they will be re-releasing two of their retired limited edition Halloween Meowchis. The original black bat and candy corn will be available to preorder starting today. They will also reopen a limited number of preorders for the limited edition white tiger Meowchi that was originally only available at Colossalcon at the same time (there will be an unlimited preorder for him one last time at a later date).

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Meet Salem


We brought our new cat Salem into our life about a month ago. He was a stray who just showed up on our porch one day. After he decided to make our porch his home, I started feeding him because he looked skinny and sad. He was so friendly and cuddly, he didn’t deserve to go hungry. He kept trying to come inside with us whenever we came home, follow us whenever we left and he always head butted me when I came outside to see him. It was like he picked us out to be his new owners, and there was nothing we could do about it. He must have heard that the world’s prettiest female cat lives with us, or maybe that we have premium wet cat food. Cats sure are manipulative!

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I’m Back, Again


Again, I seem to have neglected this blog. I’ve been pretty busy lately. I’m still doing the whole college classes thing. I only have a few classes left, and am switching to half time for the remainder of my degree to give myself more time to work on my coursework as well as my own personal projects. 

Aside from school, I’ve been busy making items for my etsy shop, which I hope to launch within the next month or so. I’m making a variety of items including tooth fairy pillows, hair bows, 3DS pouches, and jewelry. I want to have a decent inventory before launching.

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Alivan’s Custom Wand Review

Alivans-thumbnail-Freyja with wand

After thinking about getting a wand from Alivan’s for a couple years, I finally decided to have a custom wand made. Alivan’s is an online shop that sells solid wood wands reminiscent of the ones in Harry Potter. Though they aren’t officially affiliated with Harry Potter, some of their designs are inspired by the wands wielded by the characters in the Harry Potter movies. These wands are much better than the cheesy officially-licensed resin or plastic ones.

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Merpug Plush Review


I found this adorable Merpug plushie while browsing the web for cute plush toys. I got it from, a small independent shop that specializes in cute and unique plush toys. As someone who loves both pugs and mermaids, I had to have a Merpug plush of my very own. I am starting to run out of room for plushies, but I can always make room for ones as cute and unique as a Merpug!

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Paleozoic Pals Trilobite and Eurypterid Plush

Paleozoic Pals

Awhile back, I backed a Kickstarter campaign for a trilobite plushie and they arrived last month. I ended up increasing my pledge to get a second trilobite and a eurypterid as well. These guys are part of the Paleontological Research Institution‘s Paleozoic Pals line of plushies based on small prehistoric creatures. Trilobites have always been one of my favorite prehistoric creatures, so of course I jumped at the chance to get a plush one.

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Tasty Peach Studios: Christmas Meowchi

Christmas Meowchi Reindeer Candy Corn

I just realized that I haven’t yet reviewed my newest Meowchis. My Peppermint Candy Cane and Cream Reindeer Meowchis arrived back in December, just in time for the holidays. This review will be short since I have already reviewed a number of other Meowchi plushies.

Cream Reindeer is a variant of the 2014 Reindeer Christmas special edition Meowchi. Tasty Peach Studios offered this recolored version for everyone who missed the original. He has adorable little antlers.

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Meet Freyja the Cat


Hans and I recently got a kitty cat. Her name is Freyja and she is a fluffy, tiny, and adorable 6 month old black domestic longhair. She was a rescued kitty that we found through one of our friends. She is super cuddly and lovable, especially since she was found abandoned outside.

I had been thinking about getting a cat for a while when I saw Freyja’s picture posted on Facebook. My husband’s friend is a vet tech and one of her coworkers found Freyja. She posted the kitty’s picture on Facebook saying that she needed a good home and I instantly fell in love.

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