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Meet Freyja the Cat


Hans and I recently got a kitty cat. Her name is Freyja and she is a fluffy, tiny, and adorable 6 month old black domestic longhair. She was a rescued kitty that we found through one of our friends. She is super cuddly and lovable, especially since she was found abandoned outside.

I had been thinking about getting a cat for a while when I saw Freyja’s picture posted on Facebook. My husband’s friend is a vet tech and one of her coworkers found Freyja. She posted the kitty’s picture on Facebook saying that she needed a good home and I instantly fell in love.

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Cleveland Museum of Natural History Wedding

Jen and Hans - Cleveland Museum of Natural History Wedding

I got married about a month ago, on June 27th! The ceremony and reception took place at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in the dinosaur room.

These are our wedding bands. They have triforce and Celtic knot design on the outside and “I choose you!” engraved on the inside. We aren’t dorks at all… Our wedding programs and invitations had a pink Yoshi with a wedding veil and a blue Yoshi with a top hat on them. We got them on Etsy (which is also where I got my wedding dress and veil).

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Our Nerdy Christmas Trees


As is tradition, we have a really nerdy Christmas tree this year. Actually, two of them. Our main Christmas tree is decorated with an assortment of dorky things, mostly stuffed animals. I also have a smaller pink Christmas tree that I decorated with Pokemon this year.

This tradition started two Christmases ago. It was the first year that my boyfriend and I lived together, and we didn’t have any actual Christmas ornaments (bought two that year, two snowmen) and filled in the rest of the tree with our action figures tied to string. Then last year, we didn’t have room for the big tree, so I got a small pink one instead and decorated it with pink action figures and small pink plushies.

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Finished Skyrim Cosplay

Jen as the Dragonborn

I just wanted to share some photos of my finished Skyrim cosplay costume. These pictures were taken while adventuring outside the hotel.

My boyfriend took an arrow to the knee. His adventuring days are over.

But I still get to adventure:

Our New Apartment

Here's my awesome desk. I believe you have my stapler...

We’ve had our new apartment for over a month. I promised I’d show off the place in my blog, even though anyone who actually cares about it has already seen it in person by now. Anyway, Here’s some photos of our awesome new apartment.

I’ve done some other stuff that was actually somewhat interesting over the the past month, such as go to an anime convention. (Read about it at 8BitBites!)

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Kwan Family Lion Dance

On Saturday, Hans and I celebrated Chinese New Year (or as Hans calls it, “New Year”) in Cleveland’s AsiaTown to ring in the Year of the Water Dragon. Being extremely white, this was my first time seeing a lion dance.

After driving around the parking lot a few times until someone left, we first saw the Kwan Family Lion Dance as Asia Plaza. Here are some photos:

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Our New Home


While looking at apartments and houses to rent, I realized that it would make more sense to just build a new home. Most rentals in my price range are in the ghetto or infested with small children and drunk college kids. Since my boyfriend didn’t seem to like my suggestion that we build our house out of dirt and stuff, I had to find an alternate building material. I think it turned out pretty good. Take a look at our photos and let me know what you think!

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