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Dinosauring: A Webcomic About Dinosaurs

Tarou and Mary Sue with 3DS

Hey everyone! I just wanted to use this post to pimp my webcomic again for any new readers who haven’t checked it out yet. Dinosauring is a weekly webcomic that I started last December. It follows the lives of a heard of Stegosauruses and their other dinosaur friends. It is filled with dinosaur humor, gaming jokes, pop culture references, and fun for all ages! I post a new comic strip every Wednesday!

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Dinosauring Christmas

Dinosauring Stego Claus

Today is marks the third week of my web comic, Dinosauring. Since today is also Christmas Eve, I did a special 6 panel parody of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

This strip, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, features the three Stegosauruses, Sir Stegington, Gweneira, and Mary Sue, along with a special appearance by Stego Claus.

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Dinosauring: My New Web Comic

Sir Stegingtonworth from Dinosauring

I’ve been wanting to start a web comic for several years now, and finally did it! It’s called Dinosauring. The site and my first comic went live last week, and I will post a new  one every Wednesday. Check it out at

Dinosauring is a web comic about a herd of stegosauruses and their dinosaur friends. It will be filled with pop culture references, dinosaur humor, and fun for all ages!

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