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This semester has been super busy so far. Between my four classes, planning my wedding, and keeping Dinosauring.com updated, I haven’t had time to blog here.

For Advanced Game Programming, I have to make a game and sell at least five copies by the end of the semester. I chose to make a 2D side-scrolling beat ’em up game. I haven’t thought of a name for the game yet, but you play as a flower who has to save a garden from evil weeds (like dandelions!) who are trying to take over. It will be for PC, and I’m using XNA. I’ll post more details about it here later with a link to purchase. It will likely be between $0.99-$1.99.

I’m also working on a game for Serious Games and Simulations to help students study math. I haven’t gotten much done for that game yet since the first project I was going to be working on for this class fell through. I originally was going to do a different educational game that one of the instructors at the college wanted, but that project had to be cancelled do to administrative decisions that were made regarding the department that I was working with. But I was able to come up with another neat idea for my project anyway.

I’m also learning Unreal Engine 4 in 3D Game Level Design, and Xcode and Android Studio in the Mobile Game Apps class.

As I expected, I’m the only student in Advanced Game Programming, Serious Games and Simulations, and 3D Game Level Design this semester. It is what it is, I guess. It might actually be a blessing in disguise, however. Being the only student means I can make my game projects on my own without worrying about any teammates. I’ve always disliked group work, as I either end up having to do the whole thing by myself anyway while still having to give credit to the other group members, or they completely ignore most of my ideas.

Since I’m working on my game on my own, it makes things easier from a business standpoint (no one to argue with over profits and ownership and such). My beat ’em up game will be the starting point for my business, Nýbiru Studio. I’m planning on having the website for my business up and running by the end of the semester where I can advertise and showcase this games and games I create in the future.

I’m going to be graduating from LCCC this spring. I’m thinking about finishing my bachelor’s degree online now, so that I can keep working and won’t have to move to finish school. There’s an online program I’m looking into right now.

Aside from working on my school projects, I’ve also been busy planning my wedding. We have our date and venue set. I got my dress already, and it’s pink! I got it from WeddingDressFantasy on Etsy, and it’s amazing! It was a sample sale, so I got a good deal and it shipped super fast. Plus it fits well and I don’t think I’ll need any alterations, other than to add a bustle, which I think I can do myself. I’m not going to post any pictures yet, because it’s supposed to be a surprise! There are still a few more details we need to get sorted out. I’m also going to refrain from posting too many details about the date and location until after the fact, since any creeper on the internet could potentially be reading this, but it’s going to be at a super awesome venue!

That’s about it for now.





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