Cheese Catastrophe

Cheese Catastrophe

I just published my second game design project to YoYo Games. It’s called Cheese Catastrophe. Here’s the description I wrote for this game:

You are a mouse alien from the Mouse Galaxy, and you must use your mouse starship to mine the cheese moons for fresh cheese to sustain your dying civilization.

You see, the inhabitants of the Mouse Galaxy have long ago mined all of the cheese from their own cheese moons, and must now venture to the far reaches of the universe to mine for cheese on far away moons to sustain their civilization. Your people are currently mining cheese moons in the cat galaxy. The cat aliens don’t like what you are doing, as destroying their moons will disrupt the tidal forces on their planets, flooding their cities. The cat aliens hate getting wet, and have sent evil catsteroids to destroy your mouse starship, before you can destroy all of their cheese moons.



Cheese Catastrophe
Added: 30 September 2013
By: Nybiru

I drew the sprites using crayons and scanned them in. I thought it would be cute to make a game that looked like something a child drew by hand. This game was based on the Galactic Mail tutorial in The Game Maker’s Apprentice.

Stay tuned. Next I will upload my third game, Crushing Candies, which is a lot more in depth than my first two games. I’m also working on my fourth Into to Game Design lab project and another project I’m making on my own that will hopefully be finished in time to show at Family Fest at my college.





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