Finished Skyrim Cosplay

Jen as the Dragonborn

I just wanted to share some photos of my finished Skyrim cosplay costume. These pictures were taken while adventuring outside the hotel.

The Dovahkiin battling a Whiterun guardMy boyfriend took an arrow to the knee. His adventuring days are over.

But I still get to adventure:

Jen as the Dragonborn
Jen as the Dragonborn
Jen as the Dragonborn
Jen as the Dragonborn






  1. Kaelynn says:

    How did u do the skirt? Please email me someway I could make it ha… My email is

    • Jen Ný says:

      I just looked at some pictures of the armor online, and drew out the pattern. There is a black under skirt, with the fur and “leather” layers on top of it, and the belt over top of that.

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