Meet Freyja the Cat


Hans and I recently got a kitty cat. Her name is Freyja and she is a fluffy, tiny, and adorable 6 month old black domestic longhair. She was a rescued kitty that we found through one of our friends. She is super cuddly and lovable, especially since she was found abandoned outside.

I had been thinking about getting a cat for a while when I saw Freyja’s picture posted on Facebook. My husband’s friend is a vet tech and one of her coworkers found Freyja. She posted the kitty’s picture on Facebook saying that she needed a good home and I instantly fell in love.

Freyja is the first cat I’ve ever had, other than the stray cats that my mom used to let me feed as a small child. I had dogs all while growing up, plus some birds and other small animals such as hermit crabs, fish, and frogs, however. I haven’t had a pet since I moved out of my parents’ house. It was time for me to get a fluffy baby animal to love.

I named her Freyja after the Norse goddess, who is known for her chariot pulled by two cats. I’ve been into reading about ancient Norse/Germanic religions lately, and thought that Freyja was a good name for a kitty. It seems to fit her well. She is a beautiful kitty cat and from watching her play, would probably be a good hunter if she were allowed outside (which she’s not. She stays inside where it is safe).

Here are some pictures of her:

Freyja in an Amazon box Freyja Freya in a box Freyja under a chair Freyja Freyja in her bed Freyja playing





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