Our New Home


While looking at apartments and houses to rent, I realized that it would make more sense to just build a new home. Most rentals in my price range are in the ghetto or infested with small children and drunk college kids. Since my boyfriend didn’t seem to like my suggestion that we build our house out of dirt and stuff, I had to find an alternate building material. I think it turned out pretty good. Take a look at our photos and let me know what you think!

Here Hans and I are standing outside of our beautiful new home. It’s a cozy ranch style home built from the highest quality red bricks. It even features an iconic white picket fence, representative of the American dream (no, there will not be 2.5 kids or minivans any time soon):

Jen and Hans standing in front of their new home.

A new house isn’t complete without a new car! Since we don’t need a minivan, we opted to get a more fun, sportier vehicle. Here we are in our brand-new sports car sitting in our driveway:

Jen and Hans test driving their new car

Let’s go inside now, shall we? In this next photo, you can see Hans and I enjoying a meal in our modern, minimalist new kitchen. It was my turn to cook dinner today. I decided to make an Ethiopian recipe that I’ve been wanting to try out:

Hans and I enjoying a meal in our dinning area.

Now let’s head on over to the bedroom. Here Hans and I are testing out our super comfortable new queen-size Tempur-Pedic mattress:

Our New Bedroom

I hope you enjoyed your photo tour of our new home!





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  1. Hans says:

    Yay! The home of our dreams! I love our new car. Runs on grass. Very economical.

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