Midoricon 2015


We went to Midoricon over the weekend. This was Midoricon’s fourth year, as well as the fourth year Hans and I attended. This year we cosplayed as Inklings from Splatoon on Friday and part of Saturday and Pokemon for the Pokemon events on Saturday. I was Sylveon and Hans was Lucario again.

I didn’t bother making a whole new cosplay for this con this year. I adapted my Sylveon cosplay a bit to be more weather-appropriate. With as many layers as my Sylveon costume was, I didn’t want to overheat in September. I didn’t use the top layer of the costume, and attached the bow and tail to the under layer. I think it still looks cute this way!

For the Inkling, I just used my Inkling hat that I bought on Etsy and a pink polo shirt and workout shorts with a pink stripe. I brought my Splatoon squid plushie to the con so that I’d at least have omething I made myself for this costume!

Midoricon-Sylveon-Cosplay-2 Midoricon-Splatoon-Inkling-Girl-CosplayMidoricon-Splatoon-Inkling-Girl-Cosplay

Midoricon-Sylveon-Cosplay-with-KyubeyMidoricon is a lot different than most other conventions. It takes place at a lodge in a state park. For the past two years it has been at Maumee Bay State Park in Oregon, Ohio. It is a lot less crowded and more relaxed than other conventions and there are a lot of outdoor events. Midoricon is my favorite convention that I’ve been to, and if I had to pick on con to go to a year, this would be it.

That said, I think it was better last year. It seemed like there were less people there this year, which makes me worry that the organizers might decide to stop doing this convention. They pushed the date back a few weeks this year, so it might have conflicted with people going back to school. 

We got there Friday night, so we missed the Live Action Mario Kart event, which was earlier in the day. We did get to do the Live Action Pokemon Snap on Saturday, though.

Midoricon-Sylveon-Pokemon-CosplayI think there were fewer Pokemon cosplayers at the Pokemon photoshoot and Pokemon Snap event this year. It was still fun, though. It’s hard to not have fun being a Pokemon in a game of Live Action Pokemon Snap!

They had the Pokemon Gym Leader Challenge event again this year, but it was on Sunday. We didn’t participate because it was after we checked out from our room and we didn’t want to have to change into regular clothes in the bathroom. I feel like they really should have had all of the Pokemon cosplay events on the same day, so that people could just stay in costume for all of them. 

Midoricon-Vendors-Room-LootThe dealer’s room was awesome, as always. I got a Kyubey plushie, a pink sheep plushie, and a rainbow narwhal plushie. The dealer’s room was smaller than at other cons, but it still had plenty of cool stuff. I managed to find two of the specific things I was looking for (Kyubey and the Amuse sheep plushie). Like at all cons, there were some good deals and some overpriced items. Luckily, my phone reception was good enough to compare prices online!

 Midoricon-Kyubey-with-Splatoon-Inkling  Midoricon-Kyubey-with-Splatoon-Inkling

I’m hoping that next year they take everyone’s feedback into account and make Midoricon even better. I would really hate to see such an awesome convention go down hill. I hope to be able to attend Midoricon for years to come!

We’re going to be a Nyancon this weekend too. It’s a free one-day convention at Lakeland Community College. I will be there as Pumpkaboo if I can get my last-minute cosplay ready by this weekend.





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