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Tasty Peach Studios – Halloween 2014 Re-release and More


I’ve posted about Tasty Peach Studios and their awesome plushies before. They have recently hit a patch of bad luck. Their van and containing a lot of equipment and merchandise was stolen while attending a convention in Florida, and to raise extra funds in order to keep their business going, they will be re-releasing two of their retired limited edition Halloween Meowchis. The original black bat and candy corn will be available to preorder starting today. They will also reopen a limited number of preorders for the limited edition white tiger Meowchi that was originally only available at Colossalcon at the same time (there will be an unlimited preorder for him one last time at a later date).

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Pumpkaboo Cosplay and Nyancon 2015

pumpkaboo cosplay 1

We went to Nyancon this past weekend. Nyancon is a free one-day local convention at Lakeland Community College. Even though it is small, only lasts one day, and has free admission, Nyancon is still better than some paid multi-day conventions I’ve been to (I’m looking at you, Shinbokucon!).

There were a lot of different panels going on at any given time, so there was almost always something interesting going on. There were also several different screening rooms, though we didn’t check any of them out (I’d rather spend convention time doing other things, and watch anime at home). The only thing I didn’t like was how crowded the dealer’s room got. The aisles were way too narrow for the amount of people there.

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Midoricon 2015


We went to Midoricon over the weekend. This was Midoricon’s fourth year, as well as the fourth year Hans and I attended. This year we cosplayed as Inklings from Splatoon on Friday and part of Saturday and Pokemon for the Pokemon events on Saturday. I was Sylveon and Hans was Lucario again.

I didn’t bother making a whole new cosplay for this con this year. I adapted my Sylveon cosplay a bit to be more weather-appropriate. With as many layers as my Sylveon costume was, I didn’t want to overheat in September. I didn’t use the top layer of the costume, and attached the bow and tail to the under layer. I think it still looks cute this way!

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Bellossom Cosplay

Bellossom Cosplay with Oddish Plushie

I haven’t had time to make a new cosplay in quite a while, but I just finished a Bellossom cosplay for Midoricon. They are doing Live Action Pokemon Snap this year, and I wanted to be a part of it. Bellossom was always one of my favorite Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver. As lame as it might sound, Bellossom was one of the new Pokemon I was most excited about for that generation. I remember seeing a picture of it in a magazine before the games came out, and thinking it was super cute. I even made my own plush doll of Bellossom (it didn’t turn out too great – I was a kid! I’ll see if I can find it at my parents’ house sometime). Plus the hula-dancer inspired Bellossom seemed like the perfect Pokemon to cosplay as at a beach convention!

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Dragon’s Crown Elf Cosplay and Midoricon 2013

Dragon's Crown Elf Cosplay

Midoricon was a couple weeks ago, and my boyfriend and I decided to go in Dragon’s Crown cosplay. We just finished our costumes the day before the convention. I was the Elf and he was the Wizard.

I didn’t get any pictures of my costume before I got tired of my wig and took it off. It started getting messed up under my hood and it was too hot outside for wigs, so I stopped wearing it halfway through Saturday and just braided my actual hair. Plus, my elf ears didn’t really work with the hood up and the wig on, and I wanted to wear my elf ears at some point during the convention. I didn’t get any pictures of my boyfriend as the Wizard either, because he wants to improve some things on his costume as well (his wig ended up looking completely different from the picture on Amazon, so he stopped wearing his too).

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