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Tasty Peach Studios – Halloween 2014 Re-release and More


I’ve posted about Tasty Peach Studios and their awesome plushies before. They have recently hit a patch of bad luck. Their van and containing a lot of equipment and merchandise was stolen while attending a convention in Florida, and to raise extra funds in order to keep their business going, they will be re-releasing two of their retired limited edition Halloween Meowchis. The original black bat and candy corn will be available to preorder starting today. They will also reopen a limited number of preorders for the limited edition white tiger Meowchi that was originally only available at Colossalcon at the same time (there will be an unlimited preorder for him one last time at a later date).

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Tasty Peach Studios: Christmas Meowchi

Christmas Meowchi Reindeer Candy Corn

I just realized that I haven’t yet reviewed my newest Meowchis. My Peppermint Candy Cane and Cream Reindeer Meowchis arrived back in December, just in time for the holidays. This review will be short since I have already reviewed a number of other Meowchi plushies.

Cream Reindeer is a variant of the 2014 Reindeer Christmas special edition Meowchi. Tasty Peach Studios offered this recolored version for everyone who missed the original. He has adorable little antlers.

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Tasty Peach Studios: Purple Vampire Bat and Chocolate Candy Corn Meowchi

Halloween Variant Meowchis from Tasty Peach Studios

I missed the preorder opportunity for the variants of last year’s Halloween Meowchis (and didn’t get the originals last year either), but Tasty Peach Studios offered a last chance to order the remaining Purple Vampire Bat and Chocolate Candy Corn Halloween Meowchis last weekend, in addition to the remaining Witch and Demon Meowchis that were introduced this year, so I woke up early that day and scooped them up as soon as they went live.

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Starbucks Christmas Cups


In light of the Starbucks holiday cup “controversy,” I created two festive cup designs for Starbucks to use next year.

The first one features Odin riding Sleipnir. What could be more Christmasy than the original inspiration for Santa Claus himself? Long before Christians forced Germanic Pagans to convert to their religion, the Germans had their own yule traditions. Odin would lead the Wild Hunt atop Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse, bringing toys to all the good children who left straw and carrots in their boots for Sleipnir. At some point, as Christianity took hold in Europe, Odin became Santa Claus, and Sleipnir became eight reindeer who liked to bully poor Rudolph for being different. It’s the Christian reindeer way.

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The Knock


Here’s a spooky short story that I wrote for Halloween. Enjoy!

I was sitting on my chair in the living room, drifting in and out of sleep. After some time, I was awoken by the chime of the clock as it struck twelve. I didn’t mean to sleep for that long. I was just resting my eyes.

In a half-awake daze, I was startled by a creaking sound from somewhere outside. Several moments later I heard the sound of someone, or something, knocking at the door. I struggled to get out of my chair. My legs aren’t as strong as they once were. I slowly hobbled to the window, but I didn’t see anyone there. It must have been my imagination, or perhaps the wind.

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The Spiced Pumpkin Village


My newest book, The Spiced Pumpkin Village, is now available through Amazon. The Spiced Pumpkin Village is a lighthearted Halloween-themed story about a girl who finds herself transported to a magical world. Along the way, she learns to accept a part of herself that she has kept secret from even her best friend, as she finds herself developing feelings for a pumpkin spirit girl she meets in the Spiced Pumpkin Village.

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Tasty Peach Studios – Halloween 2015 Meowchi Review


I got this year’s limited edition Halloween Meowchis from Tasty Peach Studios as soon as they went live on their website. If you’re not familiar with Tasty Peach Studios, I have written about other plushies from them before (here and here). I couldn’t choose between the adorable witch and demon, so I got them both.

They are both super soft and are made from the same minky fabric as the other Meowchis. Both of these limited editions also have their own unique facial characteristics.

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Dinosauring Christmas

Dinosauring Stego Claus

Today is marks the third week of my web comic, Dinosauring. Since today is also Christmas Eve, I did a special 6 panel parody of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

This strip, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, features the three Stegosauruses, Sir Stegington, Gweneira, and Mary Sue, along with a special appearance by Stego Claus.

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Our Nerdy Christmas Trees


As is tradition, we have a really nerdy Christmas tree this year. Actually, two of them. Our main Christmas tree is decorated with an assortment of dorky things, mostly stuffed animals. I also have a smaller pink Christmas tree that I decorated with Pokemon this year.

This tradition started two Christmases ago. It was the first year that my boyfriend and I lived together, and we didn’t have any actual Christmas ornaments (bought two that year, two snowmen) and filled in the rest of the tree with our action figures tied to string. Then last year, we didn’t have room for the big tree, so I got a small pink one instead and decorated it with pink action figures and small pink plushies.

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Tomodachi Life: Krampus QR Code

Krampus Mii Tomodachi Life

If you’ve never heard of the Krampus, be prepared to add this delightful character to your family’s holiday traditions! In Germanic folklore, Krampus is St. Nicholas’s devilish companion. Whereas good old St. Nick brings gifts to the good little boys and girls, Krampus takes care of the naughty children. While Santa Claus is happy with offerings of milk and cookies, Krampus would prefer to be offered schnapps.

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