The Knock


Here’s a spooky short story that I wrote for Halloween. Enjoy!

I was sitting on my chair in the living room, drifting in and out of sleep. After some time, I was awoken by the chime of the clock as it struck twelve. I didn’t mean to sleep for that long. I was just resting my eyes.

In a half-awake daze, I was startled by a creaking sound from somewhere outside. Several moments later I heard the sound of someone, or something, knocking at the door. I struggled to get out of my chair. My legs aren’t as strong as they once were. I slowly hobbled to the window, but I didn’t see anyone there. It must have been my imagination, or perhaps the wind.

I returned to my chair. As I sat down, I thought I heard another sound. It was the unmistakable sound of a child laughing. My children are grown and my grandchildren never visit. The story is the same for my neighbors. There haven’t been any children in this neighborhood for years.

“Hello,” I yelled out. “Who’s there?” No response. The faint sound of high-pitched laughter ceased. Perhaps it was only my imagination playing tricks on me again.

I settled back into my chair. There was another knock at the door. “Is somebody there?” I yelled out a second time. The knocking stopped, but there was no response. I watched the shadows of the trees outside dance around on the hardwood floor of my living room. It must have only been the wind again, I reasoned.

I looked around my living room. The ticking of the clock seemed louder than before. I heard the sound of light footsteps outside my window. It sounded as though someone was walking around on my front porch.

After several minutes, there was another knock. This time it was louder than before. I gathered my courage and resolved to investigate again.

“I know there’s someone out there,” I said as I stood up again. I slowly made my way to the foyer. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

On my front porch stood two small girls. They wore bright green skirts and matching vests covered in sewn-on patches.

“Can we interest you in some cookies?” One girl asked cheerfully. The other stood next to her holding three boxes of cookies. There was a wagon parked on the sidewalk behind them filled with more.

“Sure, I’ll take a box of Thin Mints,” I replied as I shielded my eyes from the midday sun.





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