Dinosauring: My New Web Comic

Sir Stegingtonworth from Dinosauring

I’ve been wanting to start a web comic for several years now, and finally did it! It’s called Dinosauring. The site and my first comic went live last week, and I will post a new  one every Wednesday. Check it out at Dinosauring.com.

Dinosauring is a web comic about a herd of stegosauruses and their dinosaur friends. It will be filled with pop culture references, dinosaur humor, and fun for all ages!

My original ideas for Dinosauring involved photographing plastic dinosaurs and combining them with crayon-drawn backgrounds. I wasn’t really happy with how that turned out, and put the whole project on the back-burner again.

I started making Sir Stegingtonworth for my final project for my 3D Modeling class. At around the same time, I started thinking about actually going through with doing the web comic I had been wanting to start for quite some time now. I really liked my Sir Stegingtonworth character and thought he would be great for my web comic, so I got started on making a few more characters in the same style. I haven’t seen anyone else do a web comic by combining 3D and 2D art together, so I hope people will actually like it.

I got several of the characters, the first two comics, and the website finished just in time to show it for my final presentation last Wednesday. The first comic went live last Wednesday, and the second one will be posted this Wednesday. I’m working on plenty more, so look for a new one every week on Dinosauring.com!





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