I Got Engaged!

Tomodachi Life Engagement

Hey everyone who hasn’t already heard! Hans and I got engaged on Christmas day! This is the kind of thing that’s important to announce on your personal blog, right?

He proposed by putting the ring in a big Pokéball that he took off the Christmas tree and gave it to me as my last Christmas gift!

My ring has a heart-shaped pink sapphire in the center (I may or may not have shown him this ring a couple months ago…). It’s so beautiful! I love it so much!

Jen's Engagement Ring

I think I’m going to have a pink wedding dress too. As with diamond rings, white wedding dresses all kind of look the same to me, and I want something special for my special day. I’m debating trying to make my own dress. I haven’t looked around too terribly much yet, but so far I haven’t seen any dresses that really appeal to me. If I go that route, I might try making a couple regular casual dresses first to practice, since the only clothes I’ve made myself have been cosplay costumes.

We’re planning on getting married this summer sometime, possibly in July. I’m trying to convince him that Legoland is a good place for a honeymoon.






  1. Tim says:

    I streetpassed you yesterday, and I have a total of 3 streetpasses with you. You may have seen my mii ,narutofan, but I don’t know since you have soo many. lol. Just so you know, I also really like your puzzle swap collection and I hope you continue to have fun streetpassing 🙂

    • Jen Ný says:

      Thanks! I didn’t get your Mii yesterday. Did you get me at Best Buy, McDonalds, or some other Nintendo Zone place? Then again, sometimes my 3DS glitches and my fiance will get me, but I won’t get him, or vice versa. I hope when I eventually get the New 3DS it will fix that. :/

      • Tim says:

        I went to Barnes and Noble in Crocker Park, so I guess you were on the streetpass relay system. I think I’m also going to get the new 3ds soon also. It’s too bad the XL can’t change the face plates like the normal one and it looks like the XL is the only one coming to North America. Other than that I’m still really excited for it!!

        • Jen Ný says:

          I was at Barnes and Noble over the weekend. I forget which day. lol. I’m going to try to wait to get the New 3DS XL until more colors or other special editions come out though, so I can get one I really like. I wish the XL had the face plates. I’ll probably still get the XL even if they change their minds and release the regular size one here though.

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