Draw Santa’s Beard!

Draw Santa's Beard Game

HoHoHo! Merry Christmas! Have you ever been at the mall and wished you could customize Santa’s beard, and make the jolly old elf look the way YOU wanted him to? No? You haven’t!? The thought never even crossed your mind? Well, you can do it anyway with this little web app thingy I made, just in time for Christmas!

Draw Santa's Beard - Pirate Santa

What’s more Christmasy than Pirate Santa?

And don’t think you’re limited to just his beard! You can draw his hat if you want to as well. Make him a pirate! Make him a ninja! Make him into Mrs. Claus! The possibilities are endless!

Select the color and brush size you want and use your mouse to add festive features to the bald Santa Claus head. (Use “Print Screen” on your keyboard to save your Santa if you would like.)

(I used parts of this tutorial to figure out how to make it work).





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