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Glasses and Cosplay


Today I’m going to try to write a post that will actually be useful to other cosplayers, instead of just rambling about how awesome I think I am. I’m assuming most cosplayers who need glasses just use contacts when cosplaying a character that doesn’t wear glasses, but I’m just not willing to touch my eyeballs just for a costume. I also don’t want to limit my cosplay options just to characters that have the same minor disability as me. If you’re also in the minority of people who are not willing to (or simply can’t) wear contacts, there are other options.

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Elfen Lied Cosplay: Lucy’s Horns

Lucy's Horns

I just finished making Lucy’s horns for my cosplay costume. The horns are made of Sculpey III oven bake clay.

I originally made a set of horns out of some scraps of 5mm Foamies sheets I had left over from my Skyrim Iron Helmet, but I decided to remake them out of Sculpey clay so they would be thicker, harder, and more bone-like (and less cat ear like, though I’m sure the artist of the series intended them to look similar to cat ears). The original horns I made ended up being shaped more like her horns in some parts of the manga than her anime horns (they seem inconsistent in the manga), which I guess would have been okay since my wig is more the color of her hair on the manga cover than in the anime.

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I Didn’t Die

Lucy from Elfen Lied

With the new year, I’m actually going to attempt to start posting occasionally. I know, I said that last year, and I this year will probably end up about the same.

I got a new job a couple months ago, which is partially why I’ve been too busy to keep this blog updated. I also haven’t done much that would be relevant enough to this blog to post about.

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