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Lucy from Elfen Lied

With the new year, I’m actually going to attempt to start posting occasionally. I know, I said that last year, and I this year will probably end up about the same.

I got a new job a couple months ago, which is partially why I’ve been too busy to keep this blog updated. I also haven’t done much that would be relevant enough to this blog to post about.

The last anime convention I was at was Midoricon (where I wore the same costume I made for Matsuricon, which is why I never got around to posting about it), but I will be going to Ohayocon in a couple weeks. With the holidays, my boyfriend and I both forgot about the con until someone at a New Years party asked if we would be there. I’m tired of my Skyrim costume since I wore it for two cons, a cosplay picnic, and Halloween, but I am attempting to put together a new cosplay for Ohayocon.

This will be the first anime con where I’m cosplaying an actual anime character! I will be Lucy from Elfen Lied (Hans will be Kohta, or as I like to call him “generic anime dude”). Since the outfit is so basic, and since I waited until the last minute, I’ve just ordered everything I needed for my costume from Amazon and eBay (except the horns, which I’m making). It was cheaper to put together a “closet cosplay” of the outfit I wanted than to buy a pre-made costume online that barely even looks like Lucy’s outfit in the anime (there are some awful looking costumes available to purchase out there!).

In other news, I’ve decided to actually learn guitar. Maybe in a few years, I’ll be good enough to post videos here. (Probably not…)

Well, that’s about all I have to post about right now. Check back later for updates on my costume (I’ll tell you how I made Lucy’s horns, and if all goes well once I get my pink wig, how to wear a wig over long hair without having to use a wig cap).

PS: What do you want to read about in my blog? More cosplay stuff? Reviews and rants about video games and anime? Cool stories about my life that you really shouldn’t care about anyway? I’ll try to include tips for other cosplayers in those posts to at least give this blog some kind of value, but I can really only do a couple costumes a year.





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