Elfen Lied Cosplay: Lucy’s Horns

Lucy's Horns

I just finished making Lucy’s horns for my cosplay costume. The horns are made of Sculpey III oven bake clay.

I originally made a set of horns out of some scraps of 5mm Foamies sheets I had left over from my Skyrim Iron Helmet, but I decided to remake them out of Sculpey clay so they would be thicker, harder, and more bone-like (and less cat ear like, though I’m sure the artist of the series intended them to look similar to cat ears). The original horns I made ended up being shaped more like her horns in some parts of the manga than her anime horns (they seem inconsistent in the manga), which I guess would have been okay since my wig is more the color of her hair on the manga cover than in the anime.

Lucy's horns on a headband

I sculpted the horns into a vaguely cat ear triangular shape with ridges around the edges and baked them. Then I painted them with vintage white acrylic paint. Once the paint was dry, I coated them in Sculpey Gloss Glaze. They might not have needed the gloss, but I thought it would make them more durable, since online reviews I’ve read say that Sculpey III breaks more easily than other types of Sculpey clay. (I’m still using up the Sculpey left over from when I was a teenager before I buy more).

Lucy's hornsI was having a difficult time getting the horns to stick directly to the headband, so I cut thin strips of 2mm Foamies sheets and superglued them between the horns and the headband. I glued the horns too high on the headband and first, so I had to pull them off and cut new strips of Foamies. If you’re planning to do a similar costume, make sure you try on the headband and mark where you need to glue the horns before going crazy with the super glue!

I write another post once I figure out how to keep my wig on better, and how to better hide the headband under the hair.





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