Tomodachi Life: X-Men QR Codes – Jean Grey, Storm, and X-23

X-Men Ladies in Tomodachi Life

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any Miis for Tomodachi Life. Today I am sharing three X-Men Miis I made for the game. I have three of my favorite X-Men characters: Jean Grey, X-23, and Storm. I may add Emma Frost at some point in the future. (I don’t know why I didn’t make any male X-Men characters. I never even thought of it.)

(Please click on the images to expand them if your 3DS can’t read them.)

Jean Grey "Phoenix" Mii for Tomodachi Life

Of course I had to add Jean Grey to my Tomodachi Life island. She is one of my favorite X-Men characters. I know, her outfit doesn’t match her normal outfits at all, but I liked it, and she does look like a super hero! Feel free to change her outfit to whatever you like best! I dyed her hair a slightly brighter red, so if you give her a bath, you might want to re-dye her hair, unless you like the darker red better.

X-23 Mii for Tomodachi Life

X-23 is a lesser known X-Men character, but she is one of my favorite X-Men none-the-less. She was the first X-Men character I added to my island.

Storm Mii for Tomodachi Life


I gave Storm a mohawk wig to make her look like she does in the newer Storm comics. If you don’t like the mohawk, you can remove the wig to reveal her long hair. Her hair is dyed white. As with Jean Grey, if you give her a bath, you will have to re-dye her hair.

Storm in Tomodachi Life

What other characters would you like to see me make for Tomodachi Life? Let me know in the comments!





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