Tomodachi Life: Ness QR Code


Today I’ll share a third islander I made for Tomodachi Life: Ness from Earthbound / Super Smash Bros (admit it, you first met Ness in Super Smash Bros…). I set his last name to “Tendo” because why the heck not? If he does have a real official last name, I’ve never heard it, and his first name is already a reference to NES anyway.

Like my other two characters I’ve shared here, Ness is set as a child (since he IS a child), but if you really want to make him do adult things, you can always use age-o-matic.
Ness QR Code for Tomodachi Life

Look how cute he is with his rosy cheeks!

I have a few more characters to share, so check back later!





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  1. GnQ says:

    Haha!! I first met Ness in Earthbound and I was so “happy…” when I knew that he was in SSB, so I bought it $_$

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