Pong by Jen Ný

As I mentioned in my last post, I just started learning Flash on my own. Here’s the first game I made using Flash; Pong! My Pong game is just like traditional Pong, except the paddles and ball are pink, which instantly makes it better!

I’ll post the resources I used to learn how to make Pong (plus my own instructions for the things I couldn’t find tutorials for online) in my next post. For now, enjoy playing Pong (because you didn’t get enough of it in the ’80s!):

Use the mouse to control your paddle. First to 5 points wins.





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  1. George says:

    First, great tutorial !!!!

    I have had success adding sound to my game, I am having a problem with the scoreboard and win/ lose screens is it possible I could have a look the code to see how i am going wrong when adding it to my current action script?


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