Crushing Candies

Crushing Candies

I just uploaded my third game, Crushing Candies (no relation at all to Candy Crush. I swear. My game has cute graphics, a plot [kind of], and actual gameplay! The name comes from the fact that you are in danger of being crushed by candies.)

Crushing Candies is about a candy named Mr. Gumball who was imprisoned in a candy dungeon by the evil Fruit Dragon. Mr. Gumball must find a way to escape from the dungeon while avoiding the evil Fruit Dragon’s evil apple minions and avoid being crushed by falling candies that the Fruit Dragon is attempting to drop on him. Will Mr. Gumball escape? Or will he meet his delicious doom?

You can download Crushing Candies for free here:



Crushing Candies
Added: 12 October 2013
By: Nybiru

It’s a simple game, based on the Lazarus game in The Game Maker’s Apprentice. This was my third lab project for my Intro to Game Design Class. Let me know what you think!

If you found my blog because you played my Pug Garden game at Family Fest today, I will be uploading the beta version of it here soon.





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