Elfen Lied in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Elfen Lied Lucy cosplay

With Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can cosplay any time you want, without spending any money to make your costume. Here’s my character dressed as Lucy from Elfen Lied:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Elfen Lied Lucy cosplay

I designed the dress in the Able Sisters’ shop and paired it with appropriate shoes and leggings from Kicks. I’m still waiting to see if there is a purple hair bow or a white cat ear headband to finish the cosplay outfit.

If you would like to cosplay as Lucy in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, feel free to use the QR codes for my outfit:

ACNL Elfen Lied QR 1ACNL Elfen Lied QR 2ACNL Elfen Lied QR 3ACNL Elfen Lied QR 4

(Click on the images to enlarge, or they may not scan.)

I’ve also made my town tune Lilium (or at least as close to the song as I could within the limitations of the game).


Feel free to use this tune for your town if you’d like.

If you have the Dream Suite, you can also check out a dream version of Dinotown to get my other designs (or to trample my flowers and hit my animal villagers with a net).


I will also be posting other fun designs here and on the facebook page for my gaming blog, 8BitBites.com. We will also be starting an Animal Crossing: New Leaf cosplay contest on 8BitBites soon. Check the site and FaceBook page for details later this week. You could have your original costumes displayed on the site!






  1. Nadine says:

    Hi¡Mi name’s Nadine and I want to add you as a friend in the animall crossing new life I’dont speak englis bery well sorry 🙂
    my clave is: nadine 4828-4565-3612 (Narnia)

  2. Sammie says:

    I wanna be your friend too 😀 My Friend code is 0946-2235-0221

  3. matthew balliram says:

    Do u still play acnl?

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