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Meet Salem


We brought our new cat Salem into our life about a month ago. He was a stray who just showed up on our porch one day. After he decided to make our porch his home, I started feeding him because he looked skinny and sad. He was so friendly and cuddly, he didn’t deserve to go hungry. He kept trying to come inside with us whenever we came home, follow us whenever we left and he always head butted me when I came outside to see him. It was like he picked us out to be his new owners, and there was nothing we could do about it. He must have heard that the world’s prettiest female cat lives with us, or maybe that we have premium wet cat food. Cats sure are manipulative!

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Meet Freyja the Cat


Hans and I recently got a kitty cat. Her name is Freyja and she is a fluffy, tiny, and adorable 6 month old black domestic longhair. She was a rescued kitty that we found through one of our friends. She is super cuddly and lovable, especially since she was found abandoned outside.

I had been thinking about getting a cat for a while when I saw Freyja’s picture posted on Facebook. My husband’s friend is a vet tech and one of her coworkers found Freyja. She posted the kitty’s picture on Facebook saying that she needed a good home and I instantly fell in love.

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