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Tomodachi Life: Pug QR Code

Pug Tomodachi Life Mii QR dog

Here is the QR code for another Mii character I made for Tomodachi Life. This one is a random pug dog. I don’t know what made me what to make a pug, I just did. He is short, has a wrinkled face, and is wearing a dog suit. If you give him a different outfit, I bet he will look really disturbing looking.

His real name is Pug Pug and his nickname is Pug. He is just a pug. Invite him to your island. Give him a rent-a-dog ticket. The possibilities are endless!

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Tomodachi Life: X-Men QR Codes – Jean Grey, Storm, and X-23

X-Men Ladies in Tomodachi Life

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any Miis for Tomodachi Life. Today I am sharing three X-Men Miis I made for the game. I have three of my favorite X-Men characters: Jean Grey, X-23, and Storm. I may add Emma Frost at some point in the future. (I don’t know why I didn’t make any male X-Men characters. I never even thought of it.)

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Animal Crossing New Leaf Isabelle Nendoroid Review


I got the adorable Isabelle Nendoroid figure from Hans for my birthday last year. She is my first Nendoroid, but definitely not my last.

She comes with three different faces and a bunch of accessories. My favorite accessories are the music notes and my favorite face is the super happy one. She even has a little bell in her hair!

She is well-made, like all official Nenoroids. All of the pieces fit together perfectly and the paint looks great. I don’t have any complaints at all about this Isabelle figure. She is just too adorable!

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Majora’s Mask Limited Edition Skull Kid Figure Review

Skull Kid Majora's Mask Special Edition Figure

After missing the preorder for the limited edition of Majora’s Mask 3D, I decided to hold off on buying the game just in case I managed to find the limited edition somewhere. I wanted to wait to play it until I got a new 3DS XL for the bigger screen anyway.

As luck would have it, I found the limited edition of Majora’s Mask 3D at the Cleveland Classic Console and Arcade Gaming Show in July. I paid much less than eBay sellers were charging, though it still set me back more than the original retail price. My husband also managed to get the Majora’s Mask limited edition New 3DS XL from the same scalper seller.

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Cynthia Pokemon Center Nendoroid Review


I have so many figures in my ever expanding collection, I might as well start reviewing some of them on my blog. I just got the Pokemon Center Cynthia Nendoroid from Good Smile. I missed out on the Red Nendoroid, so made sure to get Cynthia before she got too hard to find. Since she is one of the few Nendoroids available in the United States, I just waited for the US version. I bought her from the Pokemon Center on Amazon instead of from the Pokemon Center website for the free two day Prime shipping.

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Ditto Plush

Ditto Plush

I got bored and made a Ditto plush doll yesterday. He only took about an hour or so to make. I used a pink fleece material for the body, purple buttons for eyes (I didn’t have black), and a thin black rope for the mouth. He is stuffed with Poly-Fil stuffing.

I made the pattern by drawing the basic shape of Ditto onto regular computer paper (while looking at Ditto’s entry in the Pokedex 3D Pro app on 3DS). I also cut a vaguely oval-shaped piece of paper to make the base, then matched it up to the main pattern pieces and cut it down until it was the perfect size. I cut out two Ditto-shaped pieces of fleece and one oval piece for the base. I sewed the eyes and original mouth onto one body piece before sewing them all together.

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Groot Mii QR Code

Groot and Rocket Zigzagoon

After I got my New 3DS XL, I decided to use my old 3DS to give myself more Streetpasses. I made a Mii of Groot for that 3DS’s Streetpass. I haven’t put Groot into Tomodachi Life or Smash Bros yet, but he does have his own Pokemon Rumble World game save (partially to farm for Poké Diamond).

Feel free to scan Groot into your 3DS. You can use him in Tomodachi Life, Super Smash Brothers, or any other games that use Miis.

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Kanto Pokedex New 3DS XL

Pokedex New 3DS XL

I was originally going to wait and see if either a pink New Nintendo 3DS XL or a limited edition that I actually like came out to upgrade, but then I found these awesome decals to turn a red 3DS XL into a Pokedex and realized that there was probably never going to be a 3DS design that is this awesome!

Initially I was hesitant to get an XL, and was hoping that the smaller New 3D would come out in the US so I could try them both out before buying. Being a female, I have limited pocket space and I can already barely fit the smaller 3DS in my pocket (small pockets are a scam to also sell us purses, I swear!) and I was afraid that games would look too blurry being stretched out on the bigger screen.

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Splatoon Inkling Girl Super Smash Bros QR Code

Splatoon Inkling and Bowser - Smash Bros

Are you looking for an Inkling Mii QR code to use with your Splatoon costume pack in Smash Bros? Look no further! I made an Inkling girl Mii character that you may add to your game as a Mii Fighter.

I made her while looking at my Inkling Girl amiibo. Unlike the mii pictures I saw in the marketing pictures for the new Super Smash Bros DLC, I included the black part between the eyes to make her look more like the actual characters in Splatoon. It’s the next best thing to getting actual Splatoon characters in Smash!

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Splatoon Squid Plush

Pink Splatoon Squid Plush

I took a break from playing Splatoon and wedding planning yesterday to make my own squid plush. (I told you in my last post that I love this game!)

I used picture of the squid from Splatoon that I found on image search to make the pattern by enlarging it in Photoshop and printing it out in multiple parts to tape together. I based the eyes on the eyes from the logo squid, though. I thought those eyes looked cuter than the original eyes.

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