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Lillie and Nebby Nendoroid Review


While I usually post collectible and toy reviews on this blog, I decided to publish my most recent Nendoroid review on HubPages to reach a wider audience. Check out the full review over there!

Pokémon Center Lillie Nendoroid Review

My most recent Nendoroid purchase is Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon. I preordered her from the Pokémon Center website back in July, and she finally arrived on New Years Eve (thanks USPS for Sunday delivery!). She came with her Cosmog companion, Nebby, who still refuses to get in the bag.

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Tasty Peach Studios – Halloween 2014 Re-release and More


I’ve posted about Tasty Peach Studios and their awesome plushies before. They have recently hit a patch of bad luck. Their van and containing a lot of equipment and merchandise was stolen while attending a convention in Florida, and to raise extra funds in order to keep their business going, they will be re-releasing two of their retired limited edition Halloween Meowchis. The original black bat and candy corn will be available to preorder starting today. They will also reopen a limited number of preorders for the limited edition white tiger Meowchi that was originally only available at Colossalcon at the same time (there will be an unlimited preorder for him one last time at a later date).

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Alivan’s Custom Wand Review

Alivans-thumbnail-Freyja with wand

After thinking about getting a wand from Alivan’s for a couple years, I finally decided to have a custom wand made. Alivan’s is an online shop that sells solid wood wands reminiscent of the ones in Harry Potter. Though they aren’t officially affiliated with Harry Potter, some of their designs are inspired by the wands wielded by the characters in the Harry Potter movies. These wands are much better than the cheesy officially-licensed resin or plastic ones.

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Paleozoic Pals Trilobite and Eurypterid Plush

Paleozoic Pals

Awhile back, I backed a Kickstarter campaign for a trilobite plushie and they arrived last month. I ended up increasing my pledge to get a second trilobite and a eurypterid as well. These guys are part of the Paleontological Research Institution‘s Paleozoic Pals line of plushies based on small prehistoric creatures. Trilobites have always been one of my favorite prehistoric creatures, so of course I jumped at the chance to get a plush one.

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Tasty Peach Studios: Christmas Meowchi

Christmas Meowchi Reindeer Candy Corn

I just realized that I haven’t yet reviewed my newest Meowchis. My Peppermint Candy Cane and Cream Reindeer Meowchis arrived back in December, just in time for the holidays. This review will be short since I have already reviewed a number of other Meowchi plushies.

Cream Reindeer is a variant of the 2014 Reindeer Christmas special edition Meowchi. Tasty Peach Studios offered this recolored version for everyone who missed the original. He has adorable little antlers.

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Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Review


Though a lot of Animal Crossing fans were disappointed that the two newest installments of the Animal Crossing series are spin-offs, I am enjoying Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is a lot like Mario Party. It is a virtual board game based on the Animal Crossing series. The biggest difference is that there aren’t mini-games throughout the main board game (though there are mini-games available to unlock in the main hub). Each board features a different month, with each turn representing a day. Throughout the month, various fun events will happen, just as they do in the main Animal Crossing games.

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3D Printed Pokemon Planters


I recently decided that I needed some house plants, so I got a few 3D printed Pokemon planters from Etsy. I got the obvious Bulbasaur and Oddish, plus Chikorita, which has always been one of my favorite Pokemon.

Since I’m not much of a green thumb, I decided to go with succulents, cacti, and an air plant. These types of plants are supposed to be easy to take care of and difficult to kill. The planters are a bit small, so these plants may need to be transplanted to bigger containers eventually, however.

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Tasty Peach Studios: Purple Vampire Bat and Chocolate Candy Corn Meowchi

Halloween Variant Meowchis from Tasty Peach Studios

I missed the preorder opportunity for the variants of last year’s Halloween Meowchis (and didn’t get the originals last year either), but Tasty Peach Studios offered a last chance to order the remaining Purple Vampire Bat and Chocolate Candy Corn Halloween Meowchis last weekend, in addition to the remaining Witch and Demon Meowchis that were introduced this year, so I woke up early that day and scooped them up as soon as they went live.

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Tasty Peach Studios – Halloween 2015 Meowchi Review


I got this year’s limited edition Halloween Meowchis from Tasty Peach Studios as soon as they went live on their website. If you’re not familiar with Tasty Peach Studios, I have written about other plushies from them before (here and here). I couldn’t choose between the adorable witch and demon, so I got them both.

They are both super soft and are made from the same minky fabric as the other Meowchis. Both of these limited editions also have their own unique facial characteristics.

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Tasty Peach Studios: Lychee Meowchi Review and Comparison

Lychee Meowchi

I said in my review of the Disapproval Meowchi and Nomwhal that I would post a comparison of Tasty Peach Studios‘ different Meowchi plushies as soon as my Lychee Meowchi came in. It just arrived today!

The Lychee Meowchi is a darker shade of pink than its Strawberry counterpart. Whereas the Strawberry Meowchi is a softer, more subdued shade of pink, the Lychee Meowchi is a darker, more vibrant shade. The Lychee Meowchi has light pink in its ears instead of the normal white. It also has a different face, featuring an open mouth. All of the previous non-limited edition Meowchis have the same face as the Strawberry. The new summer Lychee and Mango varieties have unique new faces (the Mango has a winking face).

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