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Tomodachi Life: Slender Man QR Code

Slender Man | Tomodachi Life

Welcome Slender Man to your Tomodachi Life island… if you dare! What creepy things will happen after your island’s first Slender Man sighting? Will your other islanders be safe from this internet legend?

He comes with a creepy background and a distinguished suit.

Come back tomorrow for a QR code for Stargate SG-1’s Thor.

Tomodachi Life: Villager and Isabelle Animal Crossing QR Codes

Villager and Isabelle Tomodachi Life Animal Crossing

Here are the QR codes for my Tomodachi Life Mii recreations of Isabelle and Villager from Animal Crossing.

I based my Villager on the pink haired version of Villager that appears in Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U (which is the only female version that doesn’t look awful. There is also only one decent male version. Why did they make so many horrible-looking Villagers in Animal Crossing?).

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Tomodachi Life: “Mrs.” Garrison QR Code

Mrs. Janet Garrison

Analytics suggests that everyone wants more Tomodachi Life character QR codes, so here’s one more! I promised Mrs. Garrison back when I posted my Mr. Hankey Tomodachi Life QR code, and here she is! Isn’t she beautiful? Her catch phrase is “I’m a woman.”

That’s all I’m going to say about this particular character, least I end up with keywords that I don’t necessarily want associated with my website leading to this page.

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Tomodachi Life: Krampus QR Code

Krampus Mii Tomodachi Life

If you’ve never heard of the Krampus, be prepared to add this delightful character to your family’s holiday traditions! In Germanic folklore, Krampus is St. Nicholas’s devilish companion. Whereas good old St. Nick brings gifts to the good little boys and girls, Krampus takes care of the naughty children. While Santa Claus is happy with offerings of milk and cookies, Krampus would prefer to be offered schnapps.

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Tomodachi Life: Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus QR Codes

Santa And Mrs Claus Tomodachi Life

Merry Christmas! I made Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus Mii characters for Tomodachi Life. They both live in festive holiday interiors with Christmas trees year-round (unless you decide to change their interiors).

I made the original QR codes with them both wearing matching “ugly holiday sweaters” before I found the Santa Suit outfit in the “seasonal” section of the clothing store (yay for scheduled posting!), so I remade the codes with the Santa Suit outfits, but I’ll keep the ugly holiday sweater codes here too, just in case anyone prefers that outfit.

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Tomodachi Life: Mr. Hankey QR Code


Howdy Ho! I made Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo from South Park for Tomodachi Life to help you get into the Christmas Spirit! If you eat fiber on Christmas Eve, he might come to your town… errr… island.

He’s wearing a festive Santa Claus hat from the Santa Suit outfit to help you get into the holiday spirit! He’s also wearing a brown bath robe because… well…

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Super Smash Bros and Tomodachi Life: Iron Man QR Code

Iron Man Smash Bros

I originally made this Iron Man Mii to use as a Smash Bros Mii Fighter, but I decided to import him into Tomodachi Life as well. The QR code should work in both Tomodachi Life and Mii Maker, so you can use him in Super Smash Bros and any other game that lets you import miis.

I made him look distinguished in my game. I thought this type of outfit and interior suited him well. I used the dark red hair dye to make his helmet armor a little bit brighter than the default red hair that is available in Mii Maker.

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Tomodachi Life: Pokemon QR Codes

Tomodachi Life Pokemon

To celebrate the recent release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I’d like to share some of my Pokemon-inspired characters for Tomodachi life. Here are QR codes for Misty, and three Pokemon; Jynx, Makuhita, and Pancham.

They are all set as adults and all female. The male:female ratio in my game skews toward male, so I wanted to try to balance it out more. I needed more females so more of my miis have a chance to get married, and more really strange looking characters to have a better chance of getting strange looking baby miis to send out on Streetpass, which is why I decided to make Pokemon to begin with.

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Tomodachi Life: Ness QR Code


Today I’ll share a third islander I made for Tomodachi Life: Ness from Earthbound / Super Smash Bros (admit it, you first met Ness in Super Smash Bros…). I set his last name to “Tendo” because why the heck not? If he does have a real official last name, I’ve never heard it, and his first name is already a reference to NES anyway.

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Tomodachi Life: Little Mermaid QR Code

Ariel in Tomodachi Life

As my islanders keep pointing out, I haven’t visited Adventure Island in over a month! At least Tomodachi Life doesn’t punish you for not playing the way Animal Crossing does. The worst thing that happens is they ask if you’ve been on vacation. That sure beats losing your favorite villagers or having to pull out dozens of weeds! Anyway, I promised to post more QR codes for Mii characters for Tomodachi Life, so here’s Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

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