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Sailor Venus S.H. Figuarts Review


This review is on the Sailor Venus S.H.Figuarts figure. Sailor Venus has always been my favorite sailor scout, so of course I jumped at the chance to get this awesome figure of her.

She comes with her Sailor V mask, different interchangeable faces and hands, and Artemis the cat. She can be displayed in many different poses and her joints and the paint applications look great.

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Tasty Peach Studios: Nomwhal and Disapproval Meowchi Plush


I preordered the Nomwhal and Disapproval Meowchi from Tasty Peach Studios back in April, and they finally arrived in the mail yesterday!

Before I talk about the latest items I purchased from this company, I feel like I should give a bit of background. Tasty Peach Studios is a small company based in Indiana that sells items featuring cute Japanese-inspired characters. They offer a variety of plush toys, t-shirts, jewelry, and more. They sell their merchandise on their website and at various anime conventions. I’ve only purchased their plush toys, so I can’t comment on the rest of their adorable items, though I’m sure they’re just as awesome as the plush.

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Haru-Chan Nendoroid Review


I bought the Haru-Chan Nendoroid solely because of how adorable she is. She is apparently a mascot for Japan’s NHK General Newswatch 9 and stars in her own webcomic on NHK ONLINE called Haru-Chan’s Weather Trivia.

Haru-Chan is the goddess of spring and all of her accessories fit the theme. You can check out her website on NHK ONLINE here. It’s all in Japanese, but there is a video that explains some things in English… for some reason.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Nendoroid Review

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Nendoroid

I bought the Nendoroid of Madoka in her magical girl outfit after finally watching the series. This Nendoroid is super cute and comes with plenty of accessories and extra pieces.

One of the best things about this figure is that she comes with Kyubey, who has two bodies to chose from. He can be posed sitting or hanging from Madoka’s arm. She also has three different faces, an extra set of hair bows with longer ribbons, and her bow and arrow.

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Linkin Park Nendoroid Petit Nendoroid Set Review

Linkin Park Nendoroid set with stage

I saw the Linkin Park Nendoroid Petit set in the dealer room at a convention once, but they were too expensive there. Luckily, Hans got them for me for Christmas last year. They are an odd thing to have Nendoroids of, but Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands, so I had to have them!

The entire band is included in this Nendoroid Petit set. They all come with their respective instruments and accessories so you can pose them like they are in the middle of a show. For extra effect, you can listen to their albums while playing with them… err… I mean… posing them to display. Adults don’t play with figures. Don’t be silly… (Also, don’t mind my Little Mermaid Lego set in the background…)

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Animal Crossing New Leaf Isabelle Nendoroid Review


I got the adorable Isabelle Nendoroid figure from Hans for my birthday last year. She is my first Nendoroid, but definitely not my last.

She comes with three different faces and a bunch of accessories. My favorite accessories are the music notes and my favorite face is the super happy one. She even has a little bell in her hair!

She is well-made, like all official Nenoroids. All of the pieces fit together perfectly and the paint looks great. I don’t have any complaints at all about this Isabelle figure. She is just too adorable!

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Majora’s Mask Limited Edition Skull Kid Figure Review

Skull Kid Majora's Mask Special Edition Figure

After missing the preorder for the limited edition of Majora’s Mask 3D, I decided to hold off on buying the game just in case I managed to find the limited edition somewhere. I wanted to wait to play it until I got a new 3DS XL for the bigger screen anyway.

As luck would have it, I found the limited edition of Majora’s Mask 3D at the Cleveland Classic Console and Arcade Gaming Show in July. I paid much less than eBay sellers were charging, though it still set me back more than the original retail price. My husband also managed to get the Majora’s Mask limited edition New 3DS XL from the same scalper seller.

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Cynthia Pokemon Center Nendoroid Review


I have so many figures in my ever expanding collection, I might as well start reviewing some of them on my blog. I just got the Pokemon Center Cynthia Nendoroid from Good Smile. I missed out on the Red Nendoroid, so made sure to get Cynthia before she got too hard to find. Since she is one of the few Nendoroids available in the United States, I just waited for the US version. I bought her from the Pokemon Center on Amazon instead of from the Pokemon Center website for the free two day Prime shipping.

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