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Moco Moco Friends to Benefit Make A Wish

Moco Moco Friends

In my last blog post, I reviewed a new RPG for Nintendo 3DS called Moco Moco Friends. If you on the fence about Moco Moco Friends and need another reason to play this adorable game, or if you are still deciding between this and Yo Kai Watch, Aksys has announced that they will donate a portion of the proceeds from Moco Moco Friends to The Make A Wish Foundation.

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Moco Moco Friends Review


Moco Moco Friends is a new RPG for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Racjin and published by Aksys Games. This game is set in the world of Dreamtopia, a magical place inhabited by adorable creatures called Plushkins, which resemble stuffed animals. You play as a witch named Moco who has just graduated from Plushkin Magic School. Your goal is to become the world’s greatest Plushkin Master.

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Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Review


Though a lot of Animal Crossing fans were disappointed that the two newest installments of the Animal Crossing series are spin-offs, I am enjoying Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is a lot like Mario Party. It is a virtual board game based on the Animal Crossing series. The biggest difference is that there aren’t mini-games throughout the main board game (though there are mini-games available to unlock in the main hub). Each board features a different month, with each turn representing a day. Throughout the month, various fun events will happen, just as they do in the main Animal Crossing games.

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3D Printed Pokemon Planters


I recently decided that I needed some house plants, so I got a few 3D printed Pokemon planters from Etsy. I got the obvious Bulbasaur and Oddish, plus Chikorita, which has always been one of my favorite Pokemon.

Since I’m not much of a green thumb, I decided to go with succulents, cacti, and an air plant. These types of plants are supposed to be easy to take care of and difficult to kill. The planters are a bit small, so these plants may need to be transplanted to bigger containers eventually, however.

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Tasty Peach Studios: Purple Vampire Bat and Chocolate Candy Corn Meowchi

Halloween Variant Meowchis from Tasty Peach Studios

I missed the preorder opportunity for the variants of last year’s Halloween Meowchis (and didn’t get the originals last year either), but Tasty Peach Studios offered a last chance to order the remaining Purple Vampire Bat and Chocolate Candy Corn Halloween Meowchis last weekend, in addition to the remaining Witch and Demon Meowchis that were introduced this year, so I woke up early that day and scooped them up as soon as they went live.

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Don’t Buy Cacti from Home Depot

Angel Cactus in Oddish Planter with R2D2

I decided to get some house plants recently. I got a few cute Pokemon planters from Etsy and wanted some plants to put in them. I decided to go with cacti and succulents since they are supposed to be difficult to kill.

I bought two cacti at Home Depot earlier this week. When I got home and went to re-pot them, I found that one of them was already dead. The Copper King cactus I bought barely  had any roots attached and upon closer inspection, was hollow inside. I’m not sure the employees there ever actually water the plants.

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Starbucks Christmas Cups


In light of the Starbucks holiday cup “controversy,” I created two festive cup designs for Starbucks to use next year.

The first one features Odin riding Sleipnir. What could be more Christmasy than the original inspiration for Santa Claus himself? Long before Christians forced Germanic Pagans to convert to their religion, the Germans had their own yule traditions. Odin would lead the Wild Hunt atop Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse, bringing toys to all the good children who left straw and carrots in their boots for Sleipnir. At some point, as Christianity took hold in Europe, Odin became Santa Claus, and Sleipnir became eight reindeer who liked to bully poor Rudolph for being different. It’s the Christian reindeer way.

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NaNoWriMo 2015


NaNoWriMo starts today, so I might not be posting much this month.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with NaNoWriMo, it is a yearly writing challenge to write the first draft of a 50,000 word novel in one month. It takes place every November. I haven’t participated in a number of years, but I would like to give it another shot. I’m not sure if I will have time to write 50,000 words, in addition to classes and work, but I will sure try!

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