Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Halloween Designs

featured image AC HHD QR

I made a few Halloween designs in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer to help you get into the Halloween spirit! Incorporate them into you home designs to help the animal villagers decorate for Halloween! Just scan the QR codes you want into your game. They will work with Animal Crossing: New Leaf as well.

First up is a witch costume Pro Design. Let your favorite villager dress up in this costume for Halloween! (If the image is too small to scan, click on it to enlarge.)

AC HHP QR Witch Costume

Are you sad your character can’t wear a fun costume in Happy Home Designer? You can still get into the Halloween spirit with this witch standee Pro Design. It makes for fun photo-ops for your villagers’ Halloween parties! (Again, click the image to enlarge if the codes won’t scan).

AC HHP QR Witch Standee

I also made some fun designs that can be used as artwork, worked into custom furniture remodels, worn on clothing, or displayed however you want. I made a spooky ghost, spider, and Jack ‘o lantern. These are standard designs that can be used on anything.

Jack ‘o Lantern:

AC HHP QR Jack-o-lantern

Creepy Spider:

AC HHP QR Spider

Spooky Ghost:

AC HHP QR Spooky Ghost

Do you have any Halloween designs for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer or Animal Crossing: New Leaf to share? Let me know in the comments!





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