Tasty Peach Studios: Lychee Meowchi Review and Comparison

Lychee Meowchi

I said in my review of the Disapproval Meowchi and Nomwhal that I would post a comparison of Tasty Peach Studios‘ different Meowchi plushies as soon as my Lychee Meowchi came in. It just arrived today!

The Lychee Meowchi is a darker shade of pink than its Strawberry counterpart. Whereas the Strawberry Meowchi is a softer, more subdued shade of pink, the Lychee Meowchi is a darker, more vibrant shade. The Lychee Meowchi has light pink in its ears instead of the normal white. It also has a different face, featuring an open mouth. All of the previous non-limited edition Meowchis have the same face as the Strawberry. The new summer Lychee and Mango varieties have unique new faces (the Mango has a winking face).

Lychee Meowchi from Tasy Peach Studios Lychee and Strawberry Meowchis

I mentioned in my previous post that the Disapproval Meowchi was a little bit bigger, felt more densely stuffed, and had a slightly different fabric texture than the Strawberry Meowchi. The Lychee Meowchi is the same size and feels stuffed about the same as the Disapproval Meowchi. The fabric also feels most similar to the Disapproval Meowchi. The two newer Meowchis feel a little bit smoother than the Strawberry Meowchi. I’m guessing they changed how they are made at some point, and I would guess that Strawberry Meowchis from the newer batches would feel more similar to the other newer Meowchis.

Stack of Meowchis Lychee, Strawberry, and Disapproval Meowchi Pyramid

The tag is on the left ear, like the Strawberry Meowchi, but it hangs from the top of the front of the ear like on the Disapproval Meowchi and tends to obstruct its face. It is also looser, so it is difficult to get it to stay out of the way. I prefer the tag placement on the Strawberry Meowchi much better. It is off to the side of the ear and stays out of its face. I can never decide if I want to remove the tags from my plushies or not, so I just end up leaving them on. If you collect plush toys, please let me know in the comments whether or not your keep the tags on them. I’m genuinely curious about what other collectors do.


The Lychee Meowchi’s color is similar to that of the Nomwhal’s strawberry syrup, but just a little bit lighter. I took a photo of Nomwhal, both pink Meowchis, and Kyandi to compare the pink colors in each plush:

Tasy Peach Studios Pink Plushies

I also have the limited edition Cream Reindeer Meowchi Variant pre-ordered, and I’m sure I’ll get some others in the future as well. Tasty Peach Studios posted a photo of a prototype giant Strawberry Meowchi that is even bigger than the Nomwhal! I will most likely have to get that one when it is released! I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted to these little guys now!





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  1. Bert says:

    Thanks, this was a really helpful read, love the pics as well, I’m gonna order some Meowchis now 🙂 Greetz from Belgium x

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