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Splatoon Inkling Girl Super Smash Bros QR Code

Splatoon Inkling and Bowser - Smash Bros

Are you looking for an Inkling Mii QR code to use with your Splatoon costume pack in Smash Bros? Look no further! I made an Inkling girl Mii character that you may add to your game as a Mii Fighter.

I made her while looking at my Inkling Girl amiibo. Unlike the mii pictures I saw in the marketing pictures for the new Super Smash Bros DLC, I included the black part between the eyes to make her look more like the actual characters in Splatoon. It’s the next best thing to getting actual Splatoon characters in Smash!

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Cleveland Museum of Natural History Wedding

Jen and Hans - Cleveland Museum of Natural History Wedding

I got married about a month ago, on June 27th! The ceremony and reception took place at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in the dinosaur room.

These are our wedding bands. They have triforce and Celtic knot design on the outside and “I choose you!” engraved on the inside. We aren’t dorks at all… Our wedding programs and invitations had a pink Yoshi with a wedding veil and a blue Yoshi with a top hat on them. We got them on Etsy (which is also where I got my wedding dress and veil).

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