Splatoon Review

Squid Girl Splatoon Crossover

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get Splatoon on launch, but it has quickly become my favorite Wii U game over the past week.

I ended up getting the Amiibo three pack last Friday before even getting the game, because I didn’t want to miss out on the Squid Amiibo. I bought the actual game on Saturday and have been playing it like crazy since.

There are a few things that I wish they would change, however. There are only two available stages at a time in each multiplayer mode, which change every four hours. I wish it would just rotate between all of the different stages all the time. Playing the same two stages gets repetitive after a while, especially when it makes me play the same one several times in a row.

There is also a level cap of 20. I hope they raise the level cap so that it still feels like I’m making progress after I hit level 20. I’m currently at level 15, and level 20 seems like too low of a cap for this type of game, since most people will reach it within a week or two of playing. That being said, they also need to work on matchmaking so that level 1s don’t get stuck playing against level 20s. I wonder if they are just waiting to fix these things until there are more players so that higher level people aren’t stuck waiting forever to start a game (if there aren’t enough similarly skilled players trying to play) or something.

They also need to make more game modes for regular and ranked battles. It could be as simple as just taking the current two game modes (Turf Wars and Splat Zones) and making them both available for regular and ranked battles to start, and then add a few more game types later on. It doesn’t make sense to me that Turf Wars is only available for regular battles and Splat Zones is only available for ranked.

The local multiplayer is kind of boring. They should add new local multiplayer modes (perhaps Turf Wars and Splat Zones with bots?). It’s kind of a bummer that Splatoon doesn’t offer split screen.

The story mode seems a bit short, but it’s a shooter so it’s to be expected. The Amiibo challenges do help to stretch the gameplay though, even if they are only slight variations on the original story mode levels.

Overall, the game is super fun and addicting. I really like the roller weapon, even if everyone on Miiverse thinks it’s for noobs. It’s just a fun weapon to use and is different from all the weapons in other shooters. The Miiverse posts and drawings that show up throughout the game and in Inkopolis are a nice touch.

Here are the Splatoon drawings I’ve posted to Miiverse so far. Comment if you’ve seen any of them them show up in your game yet!

SquidThey see me rollin'Welcome to DYE!Squid Girl DLC for Splatoon

I read a rumor that there is going to be Squid Girl DLC in August for Japan. I’m really hoping that it comes to America too. Actually, I was hoping for a Squid Girl costume for my Inkling as soon as I started playing the game. It just makes too much sense!

What do you think of Splatoon so far? Let me know in the comments!





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