Tomodachi Life: Villager and Isabelle Animal Crossing QR Codes

Villager and Isabelle Tomodachi Life Animal Crossing

Here are the QR codes for my Tomodachi Life Mii recreations of Isabelle and Villager from Animal Crossing.

I based my Villager on the pink haired version of Villager that appears in Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U (which is the only female version that doesn’t look awful. There is also only one decent male version. Why did they make so many horrible-looking Villagers in Animal Crossing?).

And of course I had to make everyone’s favorite doggy, Isabelle. Look how adorable!

Isabelle Animal Crossing QR Code Villager Animal Crossing QR Code

I’m sorry if I didn’t make my Villager psychotic enough!

Who else do you want to see in Tomodachi Life?





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