Tomodachi Life: Pokemon QR Codes

Tomodachi Life Pokemon

To celebrate the recent release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I’d like to share some of my Pokemon-inspired characters for Tomodachi life. Here are QR codes for Misty, and three Pokemon; Jynx, Makuhita, and Pancham.

They are all set as adults and all female. The male:female ratio in my game skews toward male, so I wanted to try to balance it out more. I needed more females so more of my miis have a chance to get married, and more really strange looking characters to have a better chance of getting strange looking baby miis to send out on Streetpass, which is why I decided to make Pokemon to begin with.

Tomodachi Life Misty Pokemon QR Code  Tomodachi Life Jynx Pokemon QR Code Tomodachi Life Makuhita Pokemon QR Code  Tomodachi Life Pancham Pokemon QR Code

Makuhita may or may not have the “real name” Taylor Swift. I also may or may not sent out Hariyamas and Makuhitas on wonder trade named Taylor Swift on occassion.

I don’t know why I name those Pokemon Taylor Swift. I have nothing against her. It just seemed like a funny idea one time when I was playing Pokemon X late at night.

Anyway, enjoy these Pokemon Miis for Tomodachi Life.





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