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I Got Engaged!

Tomodachi Life Engagement

Hey everyone who hasn’t already heard! Hans and I got engaged on Christmas day! This is the kind of thing that’s important to announce on your personal blog, right?

He proposed by putting the ring in a big Pokéball that he took off the Christmas tree and gave it to me as my last Christmas gift!

My ring has a heart-shaped pink sapphire in the center (I may or may not have shown him this ring a couple months ago…). It’s so beautiful! I love it so much!

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Dinosauring Christmas

Dinosauring Stego Claus

Today is marks the third week of my web comic, Dinosauring. Since today is also Christmas Eve, I did a special 6 panel parody of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

This strip, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, features the three Stegosauruses, Sir Stegington, Gweneira, and Mary Sue, along with a special appearance by Stego Claus.

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Our Nerdy Christmas Trees


As is tradition, we have a really nerdy Christmas tree this year. Actually, two of them. Our main Christmas tree is decorated with an assortment of dorky things, mostly stuffed animals. I also have a smaller pink Christmas tree that I decorated with Pokemon this year.

This tradition started two Christmases ago. It was the first year that my boyfriend and I lived together, and we didn’t have any actual Christmas ornaments (bought two that year, two snowmen) and filled in the rest of the tree with our action figures tied to string. Then last year, we didn’t have room for the big tree, so I got a small pink one instead and decorated it with pink action figures and small pink plushies.

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Tomodachi Life: Krampus QR Code

Krampus Mii Tomodachi Life

If you’ve never heard of the Krampus, be prepared to add this delightful character to your family’s holiday traditions! In Germanic folklore, Krampus is St. Nicholas’s devilish companion. Whereas good old St. Nick brings gifts to the good little boys and girls, Krampus takes care of the naughty children. While Santa Claus is happy with offerings of milk and cookies, Krampus would prefer to be offered schnapps.

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Tomodachi Life: Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus QR Codes

Santa And Mrs Claus Tomodachi Life

Merry Christmas! I made Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus Mii characters for Tomodachi Life. They both live in festive holiday interiors with Christmas trees year-round (unless you decide to change their interiors).

I made the original QR codes with them both wearing matching “ugly holiday sweaters” before I found the Santa Suit outfit in the “seasonal” section of the clothing store (yay for scheduled posting!), so I remade the codes with the Santa Suit outfits, but I’ll keep the ugly holiday sweater codes here too, just in case anyone prefers that outfit.

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Tomodachi Life: Mr. Hankey QR Code


Howdy Ho! I made Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo from South Park for Tomodachi Life to help you get into the Christmas Spirit! If you eat fiber on Christmas Eve, he might come to your town… errr… island.

He’s wearing a festive Santa Claus hat from the Santa Suit outfit to help you get into the holiday spirit! He’s also wearing a brown bath robe because… well…

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Super Smash Bros and Tomodachi Life: Iron Man QR Code

Iron Man Smash Bros

I originally made this Iron Man Mii to use as a Smash Bros Mii Fighter, but I decided to import him into Tomodachi Life as well. The QR code should work in both Tomodachi Life and Mii Maker, so you can use him in Super Smash Bros and any other game that lets you import miis.

I made him look distinguished in my game. I thought this type of outfit and interior suited him well. I used the dark red hair dye to make his helmet armor a little bit brighter than the default red hair that is available in Mii Maker.

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Pokemon ORAS: My Secret Base

Nii's Secret Base Team - Amaura, Sylveon, Jigglypuff

If you have Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, come check out my super secret base!

Ruby and Sapphire were the only Pokemon generation I missed out on, so I was pretty excited to get the remake. I still think the starters for this generation are kinda lame compared to every other generation, though. I picked Treecko since his final evolution looked the coolest to me, but I ended up breeding an extra Mudkip and Torchic in Pokemon X to transfer over anyway. One of these days I’ll breed extras of the starters from the rest of the Pokemon generations to send to my Omega Ruby game.

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Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist Plush

Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist

Instead of carving a pumpkin this year for Halloween, I made my own Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist plushies. I made these guys back in October, just before Halloween. I just wanted a Pumpkaboo doll, and thought it would be more fun (and cheaper, since I already had all the fabric I needed) to make my own than to buy the pre-made one they sell online.

I made Pumpkaboo, and then decided that he needed a Gourgeist friend, so I made his evolution too. It took one day to make Pumpkaboo, and I think two days for Gourgeist. I started Gourgeist right after I finished Pumpkaboo though.

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Sylveon Cosplay

Jen's Sylveon Cosplay

Wow, I’m behind on updating my blog. Anyway, I had so much fun doing the live action Pokemon events for Midoricon that I wanted to do another Pokemon cosplay of one of my favorite new Pokemon. I got this Sylveon cosplay finished just in time for NyanCon. I was going for a kind of lolita type of look for Sylveon. I even got an Eevee in the vendor room to complete my outfit!

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