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Tomodachi Life: Ness QR Code


Today I’ll share a third islander I made for Tomodachi Life: Ness from Earthbound / Super Smash Bros (admit it, you first met Ness in Super Smash Bros…). I set his last name to “Tendo” because why the heck not? If he does have a real official last name, I’ve never heard it, and his first name is already a reference to NES anyway.

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Tomodachi Life: Little Mermaid QR Code

Ariel in Tomodachi Life

As my islanders keep pointing out, I haven’t visited Adventure Island in over a month! At least Tomodachi Life doesn’t punish you for not playing the way Animal Crossing does. The worst thing that happens is they ask if you’ve been on vacation. That sure beats losing your favorite villagers or having to pull out dozens of weeds! Anyway, I promised to post more QR codes for Mii characters for Tomodachi Life, so here’s Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

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Bellossom Cosplay

Bellossom Cosplay with Oddish Plushie

I haven’t had time to make a new cosplay in quite a while, but I just finished a Bellossom cosplay for Midoricon. They are doing Live Action Pokemon Snap this year, and I wanted to be a part of it. Bellossom was always one of my favorite Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver. As lame as it might sound, Bellossom was one of the new Pokemon I was most excited about for that generation. I remember seeing a picture of it in a magazine before the games came out, and thinking it was super cute. I even made my own plush doll of Bellossom (it didn’t turn out too great – I was a kid! I’ll see if I can find it at my parents’ house sometime). Plus the hula-dancer inspired Bellossom seemed like the perfect Pokemon to cosplay as at a beach convention!

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