Ningyo hime: Mermaid Princess

Ningyo hime: Mermaid Princess

I just finished finals for this semester, and now I finally have time to upload the rest of the games I made this semester. Ningyo hime: Mermaid Princess is the fourth game I made for Intro to Game Design this past semester using GameMaker 8.1. It is a breakout clone based on the classic fairy tale, The Little Mermaid. I made this game back in October.

The Mermaid Princess has heard tales of mermaids before her time leaving the ocean kingdom to marry princes on the surface. Tired of her life in the sea and wishing more than anything to meet a prince to call her very own, she has stolen a potion from the evil sea witch that will turn her tail into legs if she breathes the surface air.

I went with a sort-of anime-style feel for this game. It can be downloaded from YoYo Games here:



Ningyo hime: Mermaid Princess
Added: 13 December 2013
By: Nybiru

I will be posting the rest of the games I made for Intro to Game Design over the next few days, in order of when they were created. I have five more to go!





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