Garden Wars

Garden Wars

Garden Wars was the 7th game I made in Intro to Game Design. It is about two flowers who are warring over control of a garden. Ridiculous concept, I know. I got the idea while playing the 3DS StreetPass game, Flower Town (I bought the bundle with all four StreetPass games). Anyway, Garden Wars is nothing like that. It’s more like a simplistic BattleTanx, but with flowers instead of bad-ass tanks.

Garden Wars is a competitive 2 player game. They can shoot each other with seeds and there are various other pick-up items

Anyway, as always, Garden Wars can be downloaded from YoYo Games here:



Garden Wars
Added: 17 December 2013
By: Nybiru

Garden Wars is based on the Tank Wars tutorial from The Game Maker’s Apprentice.





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