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Cheese Catastrophe

Cheese Catastrophe

I just published my second game design project to YoYo Games. It’s called Cheese Catastrophe. Here’s the description I wrote for this game:

You are a mouse alien from the Mouse Galaxy, and you must use your mouse starship to mine the cheese moons for fresh cheese to sustain your dying civilization.

You see, the inhabitants of the Mouse Galaxy have long ago mined all of the cheese from their own cheese moons, and must now venture to the far reaches of the universe to mine for cheese on far away moons to sustain their civilization. Your people are currently mining cheese moons in the cat galaxy. The cat aliens don’t like what you are doing, as destroying their moons will disrupt the tidal forces on their planets, flooding their cities. The cat aliens hate getting wet, and have sent evil catsteroids to destroy your mouse starship, before you can destroy all of their cheese moons.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Jigglypuff Pokémon Design

jigglypuff acnl qr code

I just made a new custom design for Animal Crossing: New Leaf exclusively for readers of my blog and visitors to my AC:NL town, Dinotown. In honor of Pokemon X and Y, which will be release for 3DS next month, I would like to share this adorable Jigglypuff design.
Feel free to use this QR code in the Able Sisters’ shop to get my Jigglypuff sprite design.

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Evil Ottilia Goes Berserk

Evil Ottilia Goes Berserk by Jen Ný

I have just uploaded the first game I made in Game Maker Studio 8 for my game design class. It’s called Evil Ottilia Goes Berserk. In the game, you play as a mother dragon who must rescue her babies from Evil Ottilia.

It is a very simple game. There is only one room, where you shoot demons and save baby dragons to accumulate points. When you get hit by a demon or evil baby dragon, the game ends and your high score is recorded. I was trying to go for an old-school Atari-ish feel with the graphics (if you couldn’t already tell by the reference to Evil Otto from Berzerk.) Evil Otto was the most evil thing I could think of, and Evil Ottilia is a reference to him.

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Dragon’s Crown Elf Cosplay and Midoricon 2013

Dragon's Crown Elf Cosplay

Midoricon was a couple weeks ago, and my boyfriend and I decided to go in Dragon’s Crown cosplay. We just finished our costumes the day before the convention. I was the Elf and he was the Wizard.

I didn’t get any pictures of my costume before I got tired of my wig and took it off. It started getting messed up under my hood and it was too hot outside for wigs, so I stopped wearing it halfway through Saturday and just braided my actual hair. Plus, my elf ears didn’t really work with the hood up and the wig on, and I wanted to wear my elf ears at some point during the convention. I didn’t get any pictures of my boyfriend as the Wizard either, because he wants to improve some things on his costume as well (his wig ended up looking completely different from the picture on Amazon, so he stopped wearing his too).

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Animal Crossing New Leaf QR Code Design: Pink Bubble Bobble Sprite

pink bubble bobble ACNL thumb

Since my Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR design posts are the most popular posts on my blog, today I would like to share with you a pink Bubble Bobble design I created for Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS.

I use a modified version of this design for by town flag. I think it makes a fitting flag for Dinotown.

If you like this design, I also have a regular green Bubble Bobble and a Baby Yoshi design that I have posted over at

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First Week of School!


I’ve just finished my first week of classes. It’s still early, but I’m already enjoying school a lot more than I did when I was working on my first degree. The Intro to Game Design class is pretty awesome.

I’ve already made one (extremely simple) game. I just want to make some new art assets and sound effects before submitting the project. I will be posting my finished game projects on this blog under the “Freebies” category until I get my game studio website up and running.

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