I’m Approved for Financial Aid

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I was able to get my Pell Grant and subsidized loan. I had to file an appeal and set up an “academic plan” before my financial aid could be released since I already have a degree. I’ve never qualified for federal aid before (I’m turning 24 this year), so I didn’t know how any of this stuff worked. I guess they put people who already have a lot of credits through the same appeal process as people who fail classes, as though knowing too much is just as much a punishable offense as knowing too little.

The grant covers tuition for the next two semesters and I will set aside the loan money as an emergency fund in case anything happens or if I don’t qualify for federal financial aid next year. I’ll also look for scholarships for next year.

It was a difficult decision, but I’ve decided to resign from my current part time job so that I’ll have more time to dedicate to school, starting my game studio, and freelance work. I’ve offered to help find a replacement since I could only give two weeks notice (I know two weeks is standard, but I didn’t know if they could find someone and have them start by then). I should be able to make enough freelancing to cover my bills. Freelancing hours are much more flexible, and depending on the project, I can make more per hour than I could at my regular job.

I hope I’m making the right decision. What are your thoughts on working while going to school? Does a regular job vs freelancing make a difference? What about starting a company while you’re still in college? Comment below.

(Picture is unrelated and is a preview of my cosplay for Midoricon. Check back soon if you’re only looking at my blog for the cosplay stuff!)





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