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Dragon’s Crown Runes

Dragon's Crown Runes

I’m planning to do a cosplay of the Elf from Dragon’s Crown for Midoricon in a couple weeks. I still haven’t finished my costume, despite the the con being the first weekend of September, but I did at least make a set of runes from the game as a prop (that I probably won’t use at all).
[Scroll to the bottom if you were just looking for the Dragon’s Crown rune guide]

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I’m Approved for Financial Aid

Elf Dragon's Crown

I was able to get my Pell Grant and subsidized loan. I had to file an appeal and set up an “academic plan” before my financial aid could be released since I already have a degree. I’ve never qualified for federal aid before (I’m turning 24 this year), so I didn’t know how any of this stuff worked. I guess they put people who already have a lot of credits through the same appeal process as people who fail classes, as though knowing too much is just as much a punishable offense as knowing too little.

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