Xbox Live VIP Reward


Because I have absolutely no life whatsoever, I achieved VIP status in Xbox Live Rewards for wasting well over 20 hours playing arcade games and spending over $40 on buying arcade games. Microsoft was generous enough to give me this super awesome reward for all the time and money spent on their arcade games.

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Prepare yourself for the most awesome prize ever:


A super awesome little banner image for my website or forum signatures.

I can’t wait for my 25 cent birthday surprise from Microsoft in October.

(Seriously Microsoft. At least give out something at least kind of cool for “VIP” rewards and birthday rewards if you’re going to have a rewards program. Like avatar items. Or at least 80 MS points.)

At least they decided to not screw us over as bad with the Xbox One. There’s that at least.





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