Amulet of Talos

Amulet of Talos

I finished my Amulet of Talos for my Skyrim cosplay (aside from putting it on a necklace).

The amulet is made from green Sculpey III Granitex clay that I’ve had sitting around my parents house for probably the better part of a decade. I haven’t actually worked with polymer clay since I was a teenager, which is probably why it came out looking a little odd.

When the clay cooled after baking, it noticed that the amulet seemed kind of brittle. I assume since Sculpey III is marketed to children, it might not be the best quality clay on the market. To attempt to strengthen it, I coated it with super glue.

Even with the stone effect from the granitex clay, it didn’t have the right look I was going for, so I used various shades of eyeshadow (greens, black, and a little blue) to give it a more aged/worn look before coating it with super glue. After the super glue was dried, I coated it with Sculpey Gloss Glaze. It did end up shinier than I intended because of the glaze.

Amulet of Talos

If there is any interest, I may make a few more of these for my Etsy shop, once I get it set up. I will probably start adding items on Etsy (mostly video game inspired pieces) after Matsuricon. I already have some ideas on how I can improve the Amulet of Talos for Etsy customers.

The rest of my Skyrim cosplay is coming along nicely. I have the top part of the hide armor finished, and my helmet and sword are coming along nicely. Stay tuned for pictures!





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